Welcome to the NICA Website

The National Intarsia Carvers Association (NICA) is dedicated to bringing together intarsia artists from all over the country.

We would like to see this beautiful art form introduced to people who have never worked with wood and expand the experiences of people who have already learned to love the look and feel of fine wood craftsmanship.

We will provide forums for intarsists to:

  • Learn the latest tips, tricks and techniques.
  • Show off their accomplishments.
  • Share their expertise, experiences, and near misses.
  • Point people toward recourses such as tools, catalogs, magazines and books.

Our mission is "Enriching lives through the highly satisfying activity of creating intarsia".

What is Intarsia?

Inarsia is a wood carving style consisting of various species of wood that are chosen, inch by inch for their color, grain and texture. The wood is sculpted in three dimensions and then assembled into a mosaic-like deep relief work of art. See our Intarsia Photo Gallery for examples.

Look Out Scrollers... I'm an Intarsiaist!